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Some very useful tips of ms office


Create custom Office 2010 on the tape tab

Office 2007 and included the new ribbon interface, which some people found confusing and awkward to use. However, Office 2010 and added a new feature that allows you to create your own custom tabs on the tape. You can set specific that you use most often customized to get faster and easier document creation and editing tabs orders.

Save time by customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Office 2007

Showed you earlier advice how to add a custom tab so that you can commands that are often used in place of a single group. You can also customize the interface desktop by adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. This provides one-click access to your most frequently used commands.

How to back up and restore your Office 2010 ribbon and quick access toolbar customizations

Now, that I’ve learned how to create custom Office 2010 on the tape and how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar tabs, you can backup both ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar so you can import the same customizations in Office 2010 on another computer. The following article shows you how to make a backup copy of the tape and tape quick access tools in Word, but the same method works in other Office 2010 programs.

How to Find Office 2003 commands in Office 2010

Do you just upgraded to Office 2010 from Office 2003? If you skip more than Office 2007, you may experience difficulty in determining your favorite commands of Office 2003 on the facade of the new tape. Microsoft and the establishment of an interactive guide to the new ribbon interface in Office 2010 to help ensure a smooth transition from office to office in 2003 and 2010. The following is a link to interactive guides and also shows you how to install them on your computer is currently accessible.

NOTE: The article also provides a link to an interactive manuals to learn where the commands in the 2007 Office program.

Office 2003 menus bring back to 2010 with UBitMenu

Former tip showed you how you can make the transition from Office 2003 to the new ribbon interface in Office 2010 and 2007 easier. However, if you really miss the menus and toolbars familiar tools of Office 2003, you can get it back in 2010. Office and found the following article how to use the tool, called UBitMenu, to bring back the Office 2003 menus and toolbars in Office 2010, and even how to hide tabs Additional tape to make Office 2010 more like Office 2003.

The inclusion of horizontal lines in Word documents quickly

Generally, when you insert a horizontal line In Word, you need to get to the Borders and Shading dialog box. However, there are faster than the introduction of different styles of horizontal lines way. The following article shows you the keyboard shortcuts for the introduction of different styles of horizontal lines to save time.

How to cut images in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010

When you insert an image in your Office documents, you may need to crop it to show only a certain part of the picture and the removal of other regions. You can do this directly in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The following article shows how to crop the images In Word, but the method is the same in Excel, and PowerPoint.

Photos center and other objects in Office 2007 & 2010

Once you insert the image and cropped it, if necessary, it may be difficult to get your picture completely focused in the document. The following article shows how to center the images and other objects in Word and PowerPoint 2010; however, the method is almost identical in 2007.

How to take snapshots with Word 2010

If you are working on a document in Word 2010, which includes footage, you can easily use Word to create shots, and no other third-party tool, saving you time. The following article shows how to use Word for taking snapshots and paste it directly into the document.

In addition to the security of your important documents in Office 2010

If you share Office 2010 documents with other employees of the company through your network, you may want to add security to the documents even some of the staff can only access to documents. The following article shows you how to restrict edit and encrypt your documents in Word. You can also apply encryption to Excel and PowerPoint documents. However, you can restrict only edit in Word and Excel.

Calculator Hidden words
Your copy of Microsoft Word has a hidden machine calculator that can handle all the common calculations. You can write a math expression in the document, highlight it and press the button calculator calculation results will be displayed in the status bar.
Go to Word Options -> Quick Access Toolbar, and the transition to all the commands and add the expense of driving your Quick Access Toolbar.

Some Useful Tips Of MS Excel

After Microsoft Excel developed to the 2010 edition, and provided more surprises than ever before. In order to deal with tons of large data, it can not be ignored is playing an important role in the daily work of Excel. However, for both beginners and advanced users, there are still many useful tips and tricks that will inevitably be overlooked. Here are 20 secrets useful Excel spreadsheets may not know. Please note that all these functions is based on Microsoft Excel 2010.

1. Click one of the Select All

May you know how to select all by using the CTRL + A shortcut, but few know that only one corner of clicking on the button, as shown in the picture below, will be determined by all of the data in seconds.
2. Open an Excel file in Bulk
Instead of opening the files one by one when you have several files that need to be dealt with, there is an easy way to open all of them with one click. Select the files you want to open and press the Enter key on the keyboard, and all open files at the same time.

3. Convert between different Excel files
You have different tables when open, it’s really annoying to shift it between different files that sometimes operate on the wrong paper can ruin the entire project. Pressing the Ctrl + Tab you can freely transfer files between different. This function is also applicable to other Windows files such as different tabs opened in Firefox when using Windows 7.
4. Create a new shortcut list

Generally there are three in the top menu shortcuts, which are keeping undo writing and repeated writing. However, if you want to use more shortcuts, such as copy, cut, you can set them as follows:

File> Options> Quick Access Toolbar, as well as cut, copy from the left column to the right, save it. You will see the addition of two others in the top menu shortcuts.
Create a new shortcut menu
5. Add diagonal line to a cell
When you create an address list colleague, for example, you may need diagonal link in the first cell to separate the different attributes of rows and columns. How to make it? Everyone knows that provided in homes> Font-> limits can be different for the cell to change the border, and even add different colors. However, if you click on the borders, you will get more surprises, such as a diagonal line. On top of that, and save, and now you can make it on the spot.


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