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Science and Internet Technology Combination

Internet and science

Science & Internet In Third World Countries The advancement in science is the biggest miracle of human consciousness. A man has taken the mountains of endeavors to arrive the destinations of scientific progress and enhancements. He must have burnt mid night oil. After much reconsideration, passing the various points of ideas, observations, experiences and principles, he gave birth to the theories which ran out with the passage of time and were replaced with new ones. Science was not victim of conservation like creeds. In spite, she has been in contradiction with them. The world scientists have always been consciously or unconsciously targeting that their inventions might cope up the needs of human beings and fabricate their lives more convenient. Not a single scientific invention in true sense is earmarked for the certain nation, caste, generation, religion, color or class. Coming into the existence of science and technology for all human beings is the utmost truth. It is an irony of the fate that the science has not been left at its own discretion. In every era, the science has been under the high hand of certain nation, religion or class. The question arises that where the scientific inventions that must offer the services for human needs and convenience, the monster of profit and exploitation gives a hazardous shape of scientific applications in the society. Things are not there, where they must be. Their fundamentals and essence also go contaminated. Supposedly, a pill that has efficacy to treat the patient in 3 days, it is manipulated to treat the same in 5 or 6 days because it would make more money than that. Nowadays, a queer policy is being worked out for the individuals in which neither anybody gets well and healthy completely nor he kicks the bucket. This one is more profitable because if the person gets well completely, he will give up the administration of the drugs but if he is no more, how on earth would he be able to have the medicine? In such a way, the science is not capable of serving humanity as she should have to do. The Internet, human gorgeous surprise has also not served in such a way in third world countries for any change, enlightenment and awareness. The surfing has been confined only to the customary chatting, flirting, pornography and entertainment. Playing a positive role in the society, it is also exercising negative influence upon the social mind. The ground reality behind it is the scientific advancement has not come to the third world countries, traveling through different stages of consciousness but science and technology have been imposed upon the society for the sake of generating profit. It looks as some body has tied the book of philosophy and science round the neck of ass and titular certificate from the university has been labeled on its back. But in the true meaning, it is an ass. Oh God! Would it have been! Here a man replaces an ass. And the human is many times fatal with the comparison of ass. Eventually when an illiterate layman holds the pen of authority, it seems more dangerous. Even today, you can get host of the websites that guide you from how to put thread into eye of needle to the design of the airplane engine. You are trained almost in every walk of life with videos and photos and animations. Most parts of the third world countries are still devoid of the internet facilities. More than this, even the electricity is not still there. Because the education and literacy is hardly found there. The reign of the laymen prevails in the society in the form of chieftains, politicians and hooligans. Where there is the advent of internet, the adequate usage is not there. At the large scale the internet has much to do with English language. This one is not properly taught and trained in third world countries due to poor educational policies and the indifference of the authorities due to their corrupt intentions. The ordinary user does not find handsome material in his own language and his desired search. The Europeans have a hold on the context and they have the influential impact due to their origination. The persons from the third world countries who are not positively working on the net are often met with the despair when they search. If he tries to find any man of letters on the site, he will find a very little piece of data or nothing about him but in contrast when any person related to Europe who is a man of letters is searched, he is supplied host of sites and blogs.


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