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How to find information on the Internet

search engines

We found most of the information on the Internet through the use of search engines. Search Engine is a web service that uses robots on the Internet to query millions of pages on the Internet and creates an index those pages on the Internet. Users can then use these services online to find information on the Internet. When you search for information on the Internet, keep the following things in mind.
Find surrounded in quotes
If you’re looking for a multi-common words, such as computer assistance, it’s a good idea to put quotes around the entire search to get the best results marks. For example, type “computer instructions” as a criterion for your search. It can also be this trick can be used in parts of your search. For example, the Microsoft “computer help” search for anything containing ‘Microsoft’ and which also has a “computer help” together. Finally, you can also do multiple words surrounded in quotes. For example, “Microsoft Windows” and “help the computer” to improve results even more.
Be aware of stop words
Many search engines will raise common words they described as stop each search process are words. For example, instead of searching for why my computer does not boot, the search looks for computer and boot drive. To help prevent these words from the stop of the stripped, surrounded discussed with quotes.
Tip: If stop words are not important, do not enter them in your search.
Familiarize yourself with the logical values
Many search engines allow Boolean values, and that can help to filter out bad results. Although the common values ​​include logical “and”, “or,” and “no”, it has been solved most search engines replace these keywords with symbols. For example, to find the help your computer without results contain Linux, computer help -linux will be written. And “- linux” tells the search to exclude any results that contain the word Linux engine.


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