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How To Create Paypal Account

paypal account

PayPal is an online payment gateway, and virtual wallet serving millions of customers every day who are located in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. Some common uses for a PayPal account and include sending money to friends and family and loved ones. Receive payments for work-completed. And buy and sell on eBay. It allows employers PayPal account to link a bank account, credit or debit card for the account so that I was unable to pay for goods and services from many dealers and private sellers from all over the world without disclosure of financial information.
PayPal is owned by eBay Inc., which was founded in 1998 and since then, so the preferred method of payment for all eBay auctions and fixed price lists. And explain how this quick and simple guide is to create a PayPal account, as well as the use of many benefits that come along with being a Paypal account holder.

Where open a PayPal account
The first step one should take to open a PayPal account is to move to the PayPal site. The first thing one will see when looking at the site Paypal is the three main services the company provides: pay online, send money, and get paid. Every one of these titles to the applicants and to explain how the company will allow account holders to pay for purchases any monthly subscriptions to elements such as playing a video game and membership sites, send and receive money from friends, and get paid freelance independent contract work from employers. On the upper right side of the screen, there is an option for providers interested applicants to begin the process of opening a PayPal account. Located on the link under the form of the establishment where users log in and described as the “Subscribe”.

Once the applicant clicks the link to the application, he or she will be prompted to select his or her country of residence and choose the type of account will be opened. There are three options from which to select: Single, Prime Minister, and business. The following chart illustrates the differences in the three types so as to choose the right type of account in accordance with the intended use of the owner.

Type of PayPal account
Common fees

Individual accounts for those who are, in some cases, online shopping, and who do not expect to receive payments.

Pay someone always free. Any extra fee.

Prime Minister

Premier accounts are for those who buy and sell online and receive payments from others.

A small percentage fee in addition to the minimum funding when payment by debit / credit card. Receive free money when it is transferred from PayPal balance or bank transfer person / company.


Commercial accounts are for those who work online business operates under the name of the company.

A small percentage in addition to the minimum fees to receive payments. Merchant account rates are specify a percentage of total transactions and slightly higher rate at the international level.

It is always best to analyze the current situation and the one before signing with the highest levels level account. If there was a need to get at the expense of the prime minister or the business arise in the future, it is fast, simple and free to upgrade one Paypal account by logging in and choosing the Upgrade option from the definition file for the account settings.

After choosing the type of account, it is time to complete the rest of the PayPal application. Asks for an address demand e-mail provider (which will be used as the user login name) and password, the legal name of the person, date of birth, address and phone number. The applicant must also read and agree to the user agreement, privacy policy, acceptable use policy, electronic communications policy and delivery. And then we will set up an account and will then need to verify the information through PayPal.

Required to open an account elements
When one applies for a PayPal account, it is necessary to become so check that there are no restrictions on the amount of money that can be sent or received through this into account and the account holder’s identity can be confirmed. For this reason, it is important to provide some basic information to determine that the application knows Pal provider and this is who I am or claims to be. The following table shows the purpose of the need Paypal for these items.

Item required
The purpose of PayPal in the request item
Full legal name

It is important to provide PayPal with full and correct one legal name so that identity can be matched with the name of the demand for bank account provider of credit / debit card.

Social Security No

The request social security number of all applicants for tax purposes. Almost all the revenue will be reported on a 1099 form at the end of the year.

The number of driver’s license

Required No. A person driving license as part of the verification of identity. We will check the legal name of the applicant and address.

Bank account

It is wise to link a bank account to a PayPal account in order to transfer this money is back and forth. This is another layer of identity verification process. Add a bank account also enables the account holder to pay using a payment option to pay money.

Credit / debit card

Add a credit or debit allows the owner of a PayPal account to make instant payments card when it is not the amount paid for the purchase or through funds that are in the Paypal account to cover the person. This is another layer of verification as the name on the card must match this account to a PayPal account.

If PayPal requires additional information: such as a copy of the electricity bill or driver’s license, the company will send
With e-mail account holder demand. It is simple to upload them to your computer using a scanner and then attach them to the form, and so one can pick up a copy of the documents with a smartphone or tablet computer and upload them to send it as an attachment. PayPal wants to make is verified sure everyone so that there will not be any fraud or loss for either party. To further reduce risk, and one can consider the establishment of security settings: such as password authenticated or customer service mobile passcode.

Set up security settings
After the checking account with all the financial information and the address of the necessary, and it is important also to set up a small number of security settings so that the account is safe as can be. Profile of a section of the PayPal account and one, and there is an option to set a password to use when contacting customer service department code. Required This passcode to be six digits long and should not include a series of the same number: such as 000000 or 999999. In addition to the name and telephone number of the account holder, Customer Service Agents are asking esta passcode to identify this person on the other end of the line is in fact the account holder . Even if someone with evil intentions gets hold of a name and telephone number of the account holder, any changes can be done and will give any information without your passcode.

Last security to consider the security situation in the mobile phone is the key. This security function by sending a text message to the mobile phone of the account holder with five special-digit password that was entered at logon time. On the login screen, one will inputs or e-mail, which is the user name and password, address, and will then click the button that says “send any PAL security key.” And you will send a text message within five seconds and mobile security key that is good for sixty seconds after being sent. Without esta key, can not access the account and esta keeps the security of a single account, even if someone other than the account holder is able to get a user name and password. This feature can be enabled or discontinued at any time of the Profile Settings page within a single account.

The perks of owning a PayPal account
In addition to the top line security check and identity, there are other benefits along with this eating owning a PayPal account. Owners can send money all over the world, and accept payments currency other than the currency of their home, and can shop without disclosure of payment information of their own, which makes the service stand apart from any competition. There are more benefits, and two of the perks Little known is the use of PayPal and PayPal Buyer Protection debit card.

PayPal debit card
PayPal offers a debit card to create users meth PayPal people of certain standards and levels of liability account. In order to be considered for this card, one has to be verified completely identification, have an account in good standing with the examination verified savings account as a backup payment, and that the account has been open for at least 60 days.
If all these conditions are met, PayPal will issue a debit card for the account holder for free and there are no monthly fees. The account holder is able to spend the money in his account Paypal directly and accepted the card from any dealer, online or off, accept MasterCard as a payment option. There is even an option to receive 1% cash back for all signature-based purchases if the link PayPal account to eBay account is in good condition this stand. This is one of the perks PayPal and this little is known but did not give the value of the big bonuses of the account holder.

PayPal Buyer Protection
Another perk for being a Paypal account holder is to ensure PayPal Buyer Protection. This warranty covers all purchases of physical products are bought on eBay, the Internet, or with Paypal discount card. If the product is not what it used to be described or if it never arrived, and the account holder can make the claim PayPal customer service right from their account online so it can be PayPal to open an investigation into the matter. Pal believes that if the seller is at fault or was negligent, the full purchase amount will be refunded for the account holder and PayPal. Paypal: make esta perks like to use one PayPal account for all purchases both online risk-free and out of account.

Is a fast, simple, safe and rewarding to be a PayPal account holder. Of being able to buy items from merchants all over the Internet without revealing sensitive financial details, to be rewarded for the use of the money in one account, and shopping with PayPal is a choice made by the hundreds of thousands of people every day. The company information is protected pay the account holder since 1998 and will continue to offer convenient payment options in the foreseeable future for the benefit of both buyers and sellers worldwide.


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