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What’s Whats App and how to use it


The WhatsApp is now available on the Internet via the Chrome browser, and application of revelation, and this means that it is possible to access in one account the time WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, laptop and PC without penetration. Here’s how to get the WhatsApp on your phone or tablet, laptop and your computer, every time. To actually install the application on a tablet WhatsApp See also: How to install the WhatsApp on your iPad: get the WhatsApp on your tablet or read how to install the WhatsApp application disc below.
WhatsApp the Web: Before you begin
WhatsApp the Web restrictions
Note that even now the WhatsApp on the Internet only works with Android phones, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows, and as of August 2015, iOS users. You should also use the Web Google Chrome browser, and make sure you are running the latest version of the WhatsApp (in the robot, and the launch of the Google Play store, click on the three lines icon in the top left, choose my applications and check whether the update is available for Lal WhatsApp ). See also: ban the WhatsApp – What You Should Know and the New WhatsApp Shipping surfaces fraud.
WhatsApp the privacy flaw
According to security researcher aged 17 years Indrajeet Bhuiyan, a bug inside the WhatsApp on the internet allows strangers to view your profile image even if you have chosen to keep it hidden. It is also noted that the images are not clear out on the subject of the conversation once they have been deleted by the user, which indicates that there synched mobile and desktop platforms after the WhatsApp correctly.
Support the Web WhatsApp iOS
Despite the WhatsApp initially claimed that the WhatsApp Web will not be available to users of the iPhone or iPad because of restrictions in the IOS system, the company quietly added support for this service. If you head over to the page WhatsApp official Web, you will notice that the “iPhone” has been added, although the company has not yet officially announced support.
It seems that the update is to be gradually rolling, and users can iOS see if it has been activated to their accounts after by accessing the settings menu. Once accessed, you should see “WhatsApp the Web” list – if not, sit down and check back in a few hours.
Using the WhatsApp in your web browser could not be easier. On your computer or launch Chrome browser disk (not supported other browsers) and head for https://web.whatsapp.com. We tried it in OS X; it should work on any other platform than iOS using the Chrome browser, and to ensure that you are viewing the desktop site if you do it on a tablet. There are QR Code pop up on the screen on your computer. You do not need a QR reader installed on the phone to read this. Note that if you use a CD you will need to ask the desktop settings in Chrome site (and no, this will not work in Chrome on the iPad, even if you have a phone running Android) system.

Once the phone is connected to the computer and you are able to manage your recording in computers from your phone through the options, the WhatsApp in the list on the Internet. From here you can log out of all the computers, or you can use the options menu in the WhatsApp on the Internet to log out of the computer you are currently using. WhatsApp default and keep you log on unless you specify otherwise, but after you log off you have to go through the QR Code process again the next time you want to log on to the WhatsApp on this machine.
And immediately synched messages between the phone and the browser, so that users can on limited mobile data contracts must be wary of the increased use of data. It’s a good idea to switch on your Wi-Fi if you are from users of the WhatsApp heavy.
How to install the WhatsApp application disk
Before that guide you through the installation of the application WhatsApp disk process should point out that this is not the program WhatsApp official. Messenger disk Lal WhatsApp, which explains how to install and use the below, is the application of a third party to re-post the WhatsApp on the Internet (as described above), allowing you to get on the application of WhatsApp on the tablet as you do on the phone, instead of having Log in to Chrome. See also: How to send texts on the Tablet PC.
Step 1. launch of Google Play on your Android tablet and search for Tablet Messenger Lal WhatsApp. Click on what is likely to be the first result in the list, the developer of GJC. On the tap page application is installed, and then press to accept to allow Tablet Messenger for the Whats App to reach your location and photos / media / files. And download and install the application for the tablet. When it’s done on the tap open.

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