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What Google Adsense Page CTR Is

Google Page Ctr

The secret: how to protect participate in Google AdSense from high CTR

Many people have lost recently Google AdSense accounts with high CTR (click through rate). Usually the CTR of the AdSense site which is approved will be up to a maximum of 3-5% depending on the place that host advertisements. But some people complained of CTR grow up to 200-500%, which is obviously due to the shelling.

Google is not bothered much about invalid clicks are limited to your Web site, and they have some internal roads for deletion at the end of the day or month amount to one. And if you fail to take the first step to correct your error, then forget about profits from AdSense. Learnwhy even Google AdSense account suspended with notice.

How to protect your high AdSense impressions fraud

People know how to get AdSense account within 3 days, but did not know how to protect it completely. And many people had written previously about just AdSense account protection and explosion. But this article is slightly different, as cyber attack new AdSense accounts on March 27, 2013. You must act quickly to protect your AdSense account, as Google does not give you any suggestions or warnings to play safe.

Protect your AdSense account is a bit tricky, so you have to control your AdSense performance reports to look. If you can find a radical change in the way you earn from your Web sites, not be happy that you did something great today. Check whether the clickthrough performance below average, or is growing quickly with minor changes.

If AdSense account report of 100% CTR on any given page, and then make sure that the unit is not a declaration of your homepage. For that group of individuals only targeted ads home with help from a bot made specifically to take down Google AdSense accounts. And rumor has it that these bots and offered to take down the bloggers of Asian competition by destroying their livelihood only AdSense. Some other rumors that have been doing this walk and cyber-attacks by contextual ads that lead to dropping off Adsense competition as soon as possible.

Google is very strict about the TOC, which became affordable for many pirates who don’t want others to make money from AdSense. You must learn how to control AdSense reports through analysis of CTR across modules, countries, visits, advertising, etc all from this category can show you different metrics of the current estimated profit at the current day. Make sure that the CTR is under 5% for all your Web sites more than 1000 page views in total. This may vary according to the number of pages, but make sure it’s less than 5% of the number of large pages.

Steps to detect high units appearing in advertising Google AdSense:

  1. login to your Google AdSense
  2. click on performance reports
  3. set the date range to current date
  4. click on ad units from the left panel
  5. take to verify the requested advertising impressions
  6. double click on the ad request to assign ascending records
  7. now make sure to clickthrough rate lower than 3%-5% on each channel
  8. Remove ads from home if your clickthrough rate is more than 10% on each ad unit.
  9. now click the countries on the left panel to make sure that the CTR is not above 10% of the United States and Germany.
  10. If your CTR to be over 20% on any statistic at the end of the day, then make sure you take good care of it.

Note: Remove Google AdSense ads to your site if you feel that the invalid clicks. And make sure to submit Google visits your contact form is invalid.

The above process will be easy if you have created custom channels for each Web site that hosts your AdSense accounts. Note that AdSense can allow URL channels 500 dedicated to track ad performance individual website, the CTR and earnings. Make the best use of these options and keep yourself away from click bombing and invalid clicks. I’ll definitely be writing a book about the AdSense program in the month of may! Stay tune for CliCk4Earn.


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