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Common Mistakes SEO Beginners Often Make

seo-mistakes 2016Do you think that SEO is just putting some keywords in your content and press the publish button?
The answer is not great!
SEO is to improve your site or blog, to improve visibility in the search engines. This is done for each of your blog aside.
However, due to lack of knowledge of search engine optimization, most bloggers make mistakes novice huge with this important senior site on the Internet segment.
Finally own blog cannot get a position in the search engines worth despite the presence of killer content.
This thing led them to disappointment and finally quit blogging.
But, I have good news for all those minds that want to demonstrate through blogging. Stop the withdrawal of men, and that there is nothing impossible in this world if you want to do it and be a report.
Today I am going to tell you the six most common errors senior SEO most beginners make with the blog, which prevents them from leading a position they deserve.
You can categorize your blog content your best if you take care and avoid these mistakes 6. Believe me, you can improve your sites traffic and classification of up to 50% by easily avoids such small errors.
1. Titles too long:
The first mistake I’ve noticed mostly novice bloggers make typing lengthy addresses all posts blog. Let me tell you that Google and other search engines love blog posts with the length of the title is less than 70 characters (not words).
If your title is composed blog post on more than 70 characters, only it will be displayed up to 70 characters, and the rest will be hidden. Although Google supports the addresses of up to 70 characters, but I suggest that you keep it within 60.
If you exceed the limit of 70 letters then can be a bad influence on the result SEO puts them your web site, and along with that the CTR in the SERP will be significantly decreased.
A decrease in this ratio for SERP means ultra-low rates until your blog is the highest ranking in search results.
2. Failure to do keyword research correctly:
Regardless of what you’re writing. If you do not look at the first call, you can not arrange for it. Because you do not know who your competitors are and how much effort you have to make sure to stand above the search results.
By doing a keyword search you can find the difference in the word that you have to order and you can also get an idea of ​​the competition for that keyword specific. This can give you an idea of ​​”what is the amount of effort required to rank certain this word?”
I’m sorry that I cannot discuss keyword research in depth because it did not devote this blog post to the main floor of the research topic. However, you can read the whole floor tutorial our research in Urdu / Hindi.
3. Do not focus on keyword density:
This sounds strange?
You do not know what the word density is actually? If so, then see my entire tutorial on keyword density.
And it called on the number of times a word appears a specific target in the blog post divided by the total number of words of this post keyword density of the selected word.
Most bloggers (especially from India and Pakistan) ignore it and misses with keyword density part. Sometimes it is the stuff content with keywords and production of content stuffed floor not even use some of them cramming the word once.
You have to deal with the intensity of the sensitivity of the floor. You have to make sure that the keywords of the target keywords density should be in the moderate range (2% -4%), the content also contain some differences in that word.
This will ensure that Google can understand that the keyword you have written this content, and where to arrange it for that specific keyword.
4. Reduce the power of Meta Description:
Meta description is an important meta tag after the title and plays a vital role in the ranking of the blog. Meta keywords tag is now officially dead and useless and it’s of no use at all now. Meta description and actually defines search engine, what is your content is indeed something.
This description is shown below the title of your blog post in search results.
Most beginners ignore it and just stuff this part with a lot of keywords. To ensure maximum ranking in the search engine, and it should have a Meta description correct length and optimized properly.
According to some great SEO gurus in the blogosphere, you should not have meta-more than 155 characters in length, description, and it must contain the word that target but somehow sentence.
Do not put only the keywords you’re dead in the description, it is best placed in the style wholesale to get a better ranking and increase CTR in the SERP.
5. Images without ALT Tags:
Close to me, this is the biggest mistake made by 97% of bloggers novice and if you are making also this mistake you lose half your traffic.
Use images in your blog can be good for readers. But how you can understand discuss what you have used in the form of an image engine? The answer is alternative labels. Creeping search engine crawl your blog and scan through all of your content, but unfortunately you cannot scan images. This is the step where the alt tags do their job and let creeping know “what the image is about?”.
So, if you want to get that 50% of the traffic that can be driven from Google Image Search, you have to use alt tags with images in your blog. Can you describe the picture in an alternative sign, so the creeping can understand and arranged according to the description.

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